UG's Fundraiser Hasbro Children's Hospital
Hi, I am Brother DeGrandpre, I am currently in charge of all of our fundraising for our spring semester of 2019. This semester we are raising money for the Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence, part of the Children's Miracle Network. Last year we raised money for them and we were able to raise over 13,000 dollars. This semester we are trying to surpass it and try to fundraise 15,000 dollars. All of this money goes directly to the hospital and the families that it helps. It is a cause that I truly care about as it not only helps improve the life of the kids inside the hospital, by bringing amenities and better conditions to them but it helps the families who spend several days a week traveling back and forth to the hospital. . Without this Hospital many families would be forced to travel back and forth to either New York or Boston to receive the specialized care for their children that Hasbro is able to provide to the state. It is for this reason we support them and do our best to support the hospital and the families that it helps. Everything we raise is for the kids so please help us reach our goal and the families it helps. If you can't donate that is fine but please help us spread the word by sharing the link and telling your friends and family. Donations end March 30th. If you would like to donate, see our Spring newsletter link.