Founder's Day 2019
Dear brothers and friends: Our annual Founder’s Day dinner was held April 5, 2019 at the Prata Club. Bruce Tavares and Pat Rossoni out did themselves to find us a place that has a great room, cheap drinks and a fantastic Italian buffet that allowed for all you fossils out there that look for a good meal that also comes with a doggie bag to fulfill their wish. We had the usual contingent of brothers with consecutive numbers in the 100's to 300's. Special recognition goes to Gerry Miller #22 the brother with the lowest consecutive number and to those brothers that travelled the farthest, Br.'s "Harry Reems" aka Pete Fella #231 and David Leaver #273 representing the NY/NJ metro area and Don Schollin #177 carrying the flag for CT. Br "Jerry Seinfeld" aka Henry Zinno #336 arrived late so we missed his traditional stand up routine so the crowd got warmed up by our national representative Chris Santos, who gave an update on all things National. The large contingent of u-grads in attendance were led by chapter president Chad Chelo #1146, who provided the report on the state of the undergraduate chapter. The chapter stands at 65 members strong and just won greek week. We are all very proud of all the u-grad accomplishments. Thank you to Bruce Tavares as master of ceremony and Pat Rossoni for the video presentation which included the drawings of our new chapter house. By the way the address of the new house will be #1 Fraternity Circle. Thanks goes to Walter Augustyn as project manager for building the new house. The evening concluded with the annual business of the Alumni House Corporation. I am again honored to write this letter on behalf of the new board of directors. The following brothers were elected to the AHC and the selection of officers held at our first meeting on April 30; Chris Conti #400 – President, Vincent Prattico #373 – Vice president, Joe Hart #431 – Treasurer, Walter Augustyn #258 – Secretary, Bruce Tavares #250 – Chapter advisor, Glenn Stratton #168 – Member at large, Patrick Rossoni #260 – Building committee co-chairman, John Spagnolo #126 – Member at large, Jake Cannon #297 - Member at large, Patrick Clays #446 - Member at large, Sean Sutherland #1114 - Member at large, Jacob Roy #1119 - Member at large, James Norman #8 – Honorary member at large, Lee Arnold #28 – Honorary member at large. Please congratulate each of these brothers for their willingness to serve our brotherhood. For all those that attended this year’s event thank you and for all those that missed out please watch for the announcement for next year’s event. Thank you all for your continued support for the mission of your AHC and R.I. Beta. Fraternally, CC#400…